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Heywood’s Provision Company

Foie Gras Slice 3 x 2 oz

Foie Gras Slice 3 x 2 oz

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This Foie Gras Slice is sold only in the highest Premium Quality possible.
  • Brand: Heywood’s Provision Company
  • Ingredients: Duck Liver.
  • Clean-label, sustainable meats.
  • 100% natural, no added hormones.
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • Packaging: Individually wrapped & vacuum sealed.
  • Weight: 6 oz Avg.
  • Storage: 34 - 36 F
  • Shelf Life Refrigerated: 3 days
  • Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day
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Foie Gras Slice 3 x 2 oz

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Product description

One of the best accoutrements to any meal, foie gras is certainly going to elevate the next level. With a simple scoring and quick 30 second sear on each side this as an appetizer, side, or even dessert with a dried fruit or jam garnish.

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