Our Story

We founded Atlanta Smokehouse Products in 2011 to bring quality caviar and smoked fish products to people all over the United States. We knew that we could create better products than are typically found in local markets by using simple, quality ingredients and natural smoke.

We began small, selling in our local Atlanta store and partnering with wholesalers in New York City. Our operation grew steadily from there as more and more people from around the US discovered our quality sturgeon caviar, salmon caviar, cold smoked and hot smoked fish.

Who We Are

BlackCaviarUSA.com founders: Gary Shuel and Seva Sagalchik at their Atlanta Smokehouse Products facility.

We're a small business that has grown but still retains that personal touch and hands-on approach to business. Our founder, Gary Shuel grew up in Latvia in a family that understood the value of smoking fish. His business partner, Seva Sagalchik is from Uzbekistan, near the Caspian Sea, which is home to a large percentage of the world's sturgeon.

About Our Fish and Caviar

Our business model is simple. We use natural ingredients--fish, salt and natural wood smoke to create our products, using the Latvian tradition of fish smoking. In fact, our industrial cold smoker was imported from Northern Europe.

We import our wild Hackleback and Paddlefish caviar from nearby rivers and lakes, such as the Mississippi. Our average fish is around three to five years old and yields around 4.5 pounds of roe. 

We import our Beluga Hybrid, Kaluga, Siberian Sturgeon, Sevruga, and Osetra caviar from farms located in Europe, Asia & South America.

We import our wild salmon roe from Alaska.

Our sturgeon caviar and salmon roe is sold only in the highest Premium Quality possible.

We are very conscious about who we buy our fish from. We closely follow state regulations about fish harvesting and only buy from those fisherman who are are inline with these regulations. We never work with bootleggers.

We use both hot and cold smoking process to create our products. The longer we smoke, the deeper the flavor. Our fish is tested routinely at a lab in Norcross to maintain the highest of health standards.

Our company, Atlanta Smokehouse Products, has more than 120 reviews on Google with overall rating 4.9