Unveiling the Essence of AQUATIR Sturgeon Farm

Unveiling the Essence of AQUATIR Sturgeon Farm

Commitment to Excellence

At AQUATIR Farm, we unravel the secret to exceptional quality through the marriage of automation and quality assurance. Our sturgeon complex stands as a modern beacon of sturgeon breeding, where the latest achievements and technologies merge seamlessly with a commitment to the environment. The result? Products of unparalleled quality that adhere to international standards.

To maintain the health and stable productivity of sturgeon fish, we use only high-quality feed containing all the necessary micronutrients and vitamins, without hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

From Conception to Culmination

One of our distinct advantages is the complete technological cycle of fish breeding – from hatching to the maturity of fish that, in turn, produce eggs. Each sturgeon receives dedicated care and is nurtured in an ecologically pristine environment, all under the vigilant watch of our highly skilled specialists. Our fry thrive in crystal-clear water sourced from artesian wells, having undergone meticulous filtration. The heart of our operations lies in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) – a modern complex ensuring optimal water quality, oxygen levels, and temperature. Every stage of growth is carefully monitored and automated for precision.

Nurturing with Compassion

We categorize our fry into two groups: the first group is raised to produce caviar for sale, and the second is cultivated to replenish the broodstock. Beyond our own production needs, AQUATIR is dedicated to conserving a viable fish population for reintroduction into their natural habitat, contributing to the restoration of natural populations. In collaboration with the Institute of Zoology of the Republic of Moldova, and under the watchful eye of international experts, "AQUATIR" is actively involved in restocking the Dniester River. To date, over 50,000 Russian Sturgeon fry from our farm have been released into the wild.

Care and Respect

"AQUATIR" GmbH employs state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques in sturgeon fish breeding within Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). In this closed-loop system, water quality and essential parameters like oxygen levels and temperature are consistently maintained. Each fish in our care has its health meticulously documented and undergoes constant monitoring, including weighing, ultrasound assessments, visual inspections, and blood tests. Our fundamental breeding principle at AQUATIR is to treat each fish with care and respect, ensuring the cultivation of a robust and healthy generation of sturgeon fish.

Classical and Time-Honored Quality

Our black caviar distinguishes itself through its exclusive use of salt without preservatives, antibiotics, or GMOs. The salt content in our caviar can be tailored to your preferences, ranging from 2.5% to 5%. AQUATIR preserves caviar's exceptional taste and beneficial qualities using classical and traditional craftsmanship, recognized globally for its quality. Our caviar processing methods maintain that unique blend of taste and nutrients found in caviar from wild fish. You will savor the delicate taste of a classic product crafted in harmony with the humane standards of 21st-century responsible caviar production. Sturgeon caviar showcases a wide spectrum of color shades, which is why AQUATIR never blends caviar from different individual fish during the salting and packaging process.

Committed to Excellence

Our success depends on our dedicated team, and therefore, we attract the most qualified experts in the field of fish farming. We hold our staff in high regard for their talent and dedication to our shared vision. Their commitment, focus on success, and pursuit of a common goal set our employees apart from the rest.

Our company has implemented a comprehensive quality management system and product safety standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005, each revalidated through multiple certification audits.

Meticulous Oversight

AQUATIR Farm maintains a rigorous standard of oversight through our in-house accredited laboratory, furnished with cutting-edge equipment for a wide array of physicochemical and microbiological research, adhering to traditional methodologies. Our laboratory aids us in enhancing internal production control and validating product quality. We conduct comprehensive veterinary, sanitary, and laboratory assessments of every batch of raw materials, containers, and finished products. AQUATIR is wholly committed to product quality and invests diligently in science and safety control.

Every Detail, Every Time

In the final stages, caviar cans are meticulously inspected, labeled, and stored in specialized refrigeration units that maintain the ideal temperature. The roe is carefully rinsed in pristine, chilled water to eliminate damaged eggs and fragments. The cleaned eggs are swiftly drained, salted, weighed, and sorted according to color and size. Subsequently, the caviar is promptly packed into glass jars or lacquered metal tinsßs, which are hermetically sealed through vacuum-sealing technology.

At AQUATIR Farm, we prioritize quality, care, and tradition in every step of our process, ensuring an unrivaled caviar experience.


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